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ktvu tara moriarty joins us now with a look at the damage caused by this overnight crash. tara. >> reporter: we are here at highland boulevard. you can see it's blocked off here. it will be blocked off by hayward police from this intersection down to campus and oaks from noon to 2:00 this afternoon. a woman driving a gold mini van crashed into a power pole. the power pole fell. it snagged some wires and knocked out electricity to a dozen homes nearby. witnesses say the woman kept driving for 100 yards and stopped in front of one man's home seemed disoriented. >> i heard pop pop pop. no skid marks or anything and then the power went out. we came out and people all across the street and the cars all smashed up. >> reporter: police would not confirm if the woman was arrested for a dui but she was
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taken into custody. we are one block away from the cal state eastbound campus. if you are dropping kids off add school, you may experience delays here. again we are at campus and highland. coming up we'll tell you why one pg&e person told us this situation could have been much, much worse. live in hayward i'm tara moriarty. a high speed chase from solano to contra costa county ended with police firing at a suspect outside of a l shooting. >> reporter: i want to take you through the damage that we are seeing here in front of this school. this is where the chase ended. these are pretty sturdy poles but they were knocked over. three of them right here in this roundabout that leads to this elementary school. it started a little bit before
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8:00 last night in vallejo. that is where police say they wanted to make a stop. we talked to a sergeant on scene last night. >> this originated as an investigative stop. the car was identified by detectives. officers tried to stop the car or truck and eluded them. traveled from vallejo on the freeway. 60, 70, 80 miles an hour. went through streets here in concord and pleasant hill. >> once they crash into fair oaks elementary, the two people in the car got out. one person they said made a gesture toward the police officers so that police officer fired one shot that shot did not hit anyone. then they took the people into custody. now we know at the point we talked to that sergeant that a weapon had not been found but they say along the freeway during the chase evidence was thrown out of the vehicle. so they were going back to search the chase route to see if they could find any evidence.
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we don't node at this point if -- we don't know at this point if they did. we do know one person is in custody. we are hearing it may have been related to drugs and weapon charges. they found evidence in the vehicle that supported the initial reason for the stop. we are trying to get ahold of vallejo police to get you an update on the situation. live here in pleasant hill claudine wong channel 2 news. continuing coverage of the unrest in the middle east as u.s. officials are bracing for more anti-american protests today. demonstrations continue in egypt. riot police are still using tear gas to keep large crowds from advancing. egypt's health ministry says hundreds of people have been hurt. including police officers. and in yemen protestors breached the security wall at the u.s. embassy there. demonstrators also took to the streets in iraq. meantime libyan officials have announced the arrest of four people in connection with the
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attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. it killed chris stevens and three other americans. u.s. warships are heading to the coast of libya. a group of marines has also been deployed. we are learning more about the three other americans killed in libya. two of them were navy seals. 41-year-old tyrone woods and former seal glen dorothy was on detail at the consulate. and shawn smith was also killed. an elderly american held hostage by al qaeda issued a new plea. this one has the potential to shake up the presidential race. hear what the abducted aid worker said coming up. investigators say an arsonist may be responsible for a fire at a strip mall in antioch. that happened on l street and sycamore drive at 10:45 last night. firefighters think someone set
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a row of trees behind the store on fire. the fire spread to one of the stores. no one was hurt and so far no arrests have been made. meantime the investigation continues into a house fire in the oakland hills. that started just before 6:00 yesterday evening on norfolk road. firefighters say that fire started in the basement. no one was home at the time so no one was hurt. the fire had many neighbors worried because their homes are built right where homes were destroyed in the 1991 oakland hills fire. >> i think the unfortunate part up here there is sufficient distance between the houses. if you took it down like four or five blocks down, it could have been much worse. >> firefighters say at first the fire was difficult to fight because the flames made its ways into the walls and it was difficult to see. a fallen chp officer was
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hailed as a hero and loving father to his four children. law enforcement from across the country packed the vacaville mission church to remember officer kenyon youngstrom. fellow chp officers brought his flag draped casket to the podium. speakers included his niece and son. >> he really taught me a lot about being a man. but you know what he taught me a lot about was forgiveness. >> he's a dad, an uncle, a son, a brother, a friend, a hero. >> youngstrom's niece plans to honor him by joining the chp academy. officer youngstrom was gunned down during a traffic stop last
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week. his partner killed the gunman. during yesterday's service his partner called youngstrom a brother. firefighters help save lives every day. now one firefighter is trying to save her own. but it is coming with a big fight. about six months ago janette riviera was diagnosissed with breast cancer. she says she is out of sick leave and using savings to support her two children. rei era says half the department is willing to donate sick time but a request was denied by the city claiming it wasn't a life threaten illness. >> when people say there is a roller coaster of emotions, it feels more like a hurricane. or a tornado that goes around. you never want to hear the c word. the cancer word. not me. i'm too young, i have two small children. >> we contacted the department of public health. they told us they are not
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allowed to discuss personnel matters. she says she plans to appeal the decision. if you shop online, today is your last day today it tax free. starting tomorrow anline retailer and other internet companies will charge california customers sales tax. there might be around it though. amazon does not plan to collect tax on anything sold by its third party sellers because of a tax loophole. that accounts for about 40% of the goods ordered on the site. 4:38 is the time right now. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. how does it look? >> things are doing pretty well. let me turn down my radio. sometimes these radios they get loud. all right good morning, to you. good friday morning to you. let's go outside and take a look at the east shore freeway, the traffic is moving along pretty well. 10-4. the traffic looks good all the way out to the bay bridge toll plaza.
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no problems getting on here the upper deck of the bay bridge. we will be off to a very nice start. the southbound freeways are quiet. no major incidents. let's go to steve. it looks a little cooler today. the sea breeze has kicked in a few high clouds as well. most of those look to be heading toward the north bay. high pressure built in yesterday. if you're inland it's warm to hot. the angle of the son is a little lower. maybe not as hot as august or july. still we don't have that offshore breeze. we still have a westerly breeze. a lot of fog by the coast. clearing around the bay. fair skies inland. 60s for some. low 50s for others. big difference in some of the temps. west, southwest at 18. that is double yesterday at travis. there are a few components that say it will be a little cooler today. still though well inland. 60s for most. low to mid. system that is move into the
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north is going to really drop an impressive system toward the middle of the country. fog, sun. cool for others. it does look a little cooler with a westerly breeze. more of a west, southwest or west, northwest. 59-93. santa rosa will cool down. san jose about the same as yesterday. oakland at 70. a little cooler as we two into saturday. pam. >> thank you, steve. coming up on 4:40. a mass evacuation in guatemala. the volcanic eruption that is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. a legal battle over an occupy protestors twitter account. how his tweets could land him in jail. good morning. westbound highway 4 this traffic looks good so far on the way to concord. another update on the traffic and weather straight ahead. i wanted to be in the military since i was a kid.
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i served in the united states air force. i served a total of 16 years. i was deployed 13 times. on my second deployment four bombs hit my vehicle. and at 19 years old, that was the first time i ever saw somebody die. coming back, i was raging. i started having pretty horrible nightmares. i would wake up in middle of the night sweats. i started drinking a lot. i felt worthless. i guess i never recognized it in myself. eventually, one day i just walked into the va hospital and said i'd like to see somebody. don't suffer alone. you've got to find that link with somebody that will make you let it go. it all starts with going to the va. there's a whole community of veterans that just want to help you out. it's for the guys who couldn't come back, you owe it to them to live well. because they're not here with their families.
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good morning. lots of low clouds. a little stronger sea breeze. still lower 80s or 90s. 33,000 people in 17 villages are being told to leave their homes. the volcano erupted near ann toga early yesterday afternoon. covering the area with smoke and ash. the red cross is setting up help. the fruit is being sold by dfi marketing. so far no illnesses have been reported. but state officials say the recalled cantaloupes have a dfi sticker. they were sold between august 27th and september 10th. yosemite national park is confirming a ninth case of the
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potentially deadly hantavirus. the latest victims stayed in a tent cabin in july and has since recovered from the virus earlier this week the park sent out another round of warning letters to guests to raise awareness about the rodent born disease and since mid june three people have died from that virus. al qaeda has released another video of a kidnapped american aid worker. >> making an appeal to the american public candidate to see if they will work and put pressure on president obama. >> he seemed to ask his family to ask mitt romney for help. the 71-year-old also urged american jewish groups to pressure president obama and israel. this is wine seen's second video this week. he was abducted in pakistan a year ago.
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as we watch the world today sometimes it seems we are at the mercy of events instead of shaping events. a strong america is essential to shaping events. >> i want people around the world to hear me to all those that would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunnished. >> the two are scheduled to debate foreign policy on october 22nd, two weeks before the election. we could learn as early as today how spending cuts will impact the military and other programs. the white house is expected to submit a report to congress. it will provide details about what programs will see cuts at the beginning of the year. right now the nation faces a $1.2 trillion deficit. the fate of suspended sheriff rosemary orozco -- ross
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mirkarimi within the next month. the commissions official inquiry goes to the board tuesday. supervisors will have 30 days to decide if mirkarimi should keep his job after his domestic battery incident involving his wife. lieutenant gavin newsom will be one of the speakers today at the stop bullying summit. city officials say 44% of san francisco middle schoolers were bullied last year. yesterday 3,000 middle and high school students watched the documentary bully. >> it just made me think of how many lives were taken away just because of bullying. and it's not worth it. there is always resources available. and no one is alone. no one. >> bully will be screened for 35,000 students in san francisco over the course of the school year. >> chicago teachers are on
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strike for a fifth day today. negotiators spent all day trying to reach an agreement and end the strike. the school district says the two sides have made progress on teacher evaluations which is one of the main sticking points. the union president says she hopes students can be back in class on monday. today twitter is expected to hand a new york judge tweets from an occupy wall street protestor. the demonstrator was one of hundreds arrested last october. twitter has been fighting a subpoena for months. manhattan prosecutors want the tweets. that claims police led demonstrators on the bridges roadway only to arrest them for obstructing traffic. you can preorder the iphone 5. if you preorder, the phone will be shipped to you within a week and you will not have to wait in the long lines with
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thousands of other eager buyers next friday september 21st which is the day the iphone 5 arrives in stores. pricing starts at $199 with a two-year contract. 4:4 -- 4:48 is the time. let's go to sal. >> i'm going to order one. i'll tell you what. the iphone has an app for tv reporter where is you can watch the video your photographer shoots wireless on your phone. how cool is that? >> that is very cool. >> let's take a look at the commute now. the traffic moving along pretty well. ktvu has an app for all things apple by the way if you're an apple afish that toe but it also works on android. we'll talk about that in a moment. this is a look at the east shore. it looks good. bay bridge toll plaza also looks very nice. westbound traffic looking good into san francisco. and this mornings commute on northbound 280 that is off to a
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good start getting up to highway 17. you know the ktvu app has weather. hello steve. >> maybe i should upgrade. i have the flip with the dial in it. >> get out of here. >> thank you, sir. a lot of great weather apps out there as well. really good ones for radar. not that we would need that right now. we are getting closer to october. things could change. for us a few high clouds and lots of fog. a little stronger sea breeze today. high pressure built in yesterday. although it was still warm to hot. i know. but still a lot hotter than in august. that was just me. one guy talking. fair skies. few high clouds coming in. more toward the north bay. 80s and 90s. clearing around the bay. 60s and 70s. lots of fog on the coast. it has been really sold out. santa cruz is one of the warmest and they are barely breaking through the low 70s. a lot of upper 60s and 70s. it's already in the low 60s for some inland. although san jose is 57.
4:51 am
west 15 sfo. that is a sure sign unless it collapses it will be a little cooler. upper 50s and 60s and 70s. may find some 80s. big system move into the north. actually high pressure is build into the north. boy that will drop an unseasonally cool system into the country. for us fog, sun, cool to hot. so the little cooling trend begins today. some may not notice it. you will pick up that westerly breeze. and that will carry us into a cooler weekend but nice. pam. thank you. first it was prince harry now the duchess of cambridge. the nude pictures causing embarrassment to the royal palace. the crash that left four people dead that were waiting at a bus stop.
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we are this close... this close... we are this close to ending polio. all we need is you. this close... be a part of history at welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 4:53. royals are threatening legal action after a french magazine published topless pictures of the duchess of cambridge. it was taken last week while they vacationed at a private chateau in france. they are currently on a nine- day tour of asia. the coupled is sadden that their privacy was invaded. four people are dead. eight others injured after a
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horrific crash in las vegas. a driver lost control and slammed into a bus stop full of people. three women and a man were killed right on the scene. the 24-year-old driver is one of the people seriously injured. police say he was driving under the influence of alcohol. in oakland a suspected burglar is still on the loose after police ended a seven-hour standoff. police responded to an alarm and several calls about an armed burglar entering the home on 12th street. swat team surrounded the house and fired bean bag rounds trying to get him to come out. officers eventually entered the home but no one was inside. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. any problems in >> we are just hearing about a new crash, pam. 880 northbound at high street. we came in that someone was trapped but we are hearing that
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no one is. this is east shore. they might be able to get this in a moment. the east shore traffic does look good coming down to the mccarthur maze with no major problems. now this is 880 you can see at the very top of your screen up on the left hand side how things are beginning to slow down. just beyond that there is an overturned vehicle. oakland fire has just arrived on the scene. no one is trapped inside the vehicle. there may be injuries and pretty soon we will see a backup here. this is happening now. it just happened right before i went on the air we were talking about it. this information is just fresh. and moving along to the san mateo bridge that traffic looks pretty good heading out to the high-rise. 4:55 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a very happy friday. kind of an interesting pattern here. usually in september we are saying goodbye to the fog. i will tell you it's thick, thick, thick and doesn't move. temperature there is stay in the 50s and 60s.
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inland it could be warm to hot. maybe you are in sales or drive over the bay. keep an eye on your car thermometer because it can go all over the place. 52-62 on the lows right now. the sea breeze has picked up. double compared to yesterday. that tells me it will be a little cooler today. still 80s and 90s it might lift a little bit. it has been down on the deck a little bit the last couple of days. big system will move into the pacific northwest. that will knock the ridge down. so a little cool down today. still for some while inland it's in the upper 80s and low 90s. i think fairfield yesterday was 92. there is a much stronger sea breeze. 78 santa rosa. 59d pacific -- 59 pacifica. a little cooler an for saturday. the opening of a chic-fil-a
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restaurant is being delayed for the second time. it was set to open on september 20th but according to the company's website that date is being pushed back to october 25th. there is a peaceful protest planned for the day the restaurant opens. it's aimed at chic-fil-a president's recent comments about same sex marriage. coming up in our 5:00 hour new information about a fire at a peninsula school. what was missing inside the classroom that is required to be there? plus an east bay neighborhood in the dark this morning. the overnight crash that is creating a headache for pg&e.
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♪ [female narrator even if you're not planning on getting pregnant now, you should know that foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant.
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we are live in hayward where a driver slams into an electric pole. a big part of beachwood school and menlo park are just ashes and junk this morning. we'll tell you what fire investigators say was missing from the fire. overnight news from the east bay. investigators say an arsonist may be responsible for a fire near a strip mall. also the political turmoil in the middle east. how the

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